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Group touring has never been that easy!

VOX TOUR GUIDE SYSTEMS® includes a wireless transmitter with a microphone used by the tour guide/chaperone/interpreter for a group of people and a set of wireless receivers with hygienic disposable ear pieces for all group members.


The system enables the tour guide/chaperone/interpreter to freely communicate with the group, provide direct and selective guidance without raising voice, distracting other visitors or disturbing the atmosphere of the place being visited. Also the noise of the city or plant, or distraction of the group members are no longer a barrier to effective communication. In museums, churches and when touring production facilities, it is increasing common for organised groups to use radioguides® devices.



This is the most common application of VOX TOUR GUIDE SYSTEMS®: a tour guide provides information on the locations and sites visited while the tourist, equipped with an individual receiver, can hear every word. Meanwhile, tourists may safely leave the tour guide, take a photo, take a closer look at an architectural detail, and all the information communicated by the guide will reach the intended audience. Communication will not be hampered by the traffic noise, passers-by or distraction of group members. The tour guide will not need to stop and gather the group or wait for those lagging behind, will not have to worry about missing anyone and will safely reach everyone with their message.

Production plants and noisy locations

Frequently, production sites and halls are visited by delegates or company representatives. These sites are usually extremely noisy. However, this is no longer a problem with VOX TOUR GUIDE SYSTEMS®. The guide equipped with a transmitter can provide any information necessary and the delegate using the receiver and a disposable ear piece will hear exactly what they should. Such form of receiving company guests will also improve the company’s image and reputation in the investor’s eyes and will provide a relevant working comfort, which is particularly important in business relations.

Interpreting, conferences and trainings

VOX TOUR GUIDE SYSTEMS® is perfect for arranging trainings and conferences, especially if you need them to be conducted in several languages at once. You no longer need large booths and a whole range of equipment for simultaneous interpreting. Interpreters can provide information in several languages at the same time at different frequencies, without disturbing each other, and the conference or training participant can choose their preferred language by selecting the relevant channel on the receiver. Also, any field-based trainings or trainings held at large rooms enable the trainer to reach the participant without interferences or disruptions, regardless of the surrounding noise or distraction.

Audio description

It is a technique that enables blind people and people with visual impairments to participate more fully in cultural, sports and all other events whose important part is based on the image such as exhibitions, theatre shows, film screenings or matches and sports competitions. Brief and objective scene descriptions enable the blind person to follow the developing thread and hear and understand what is going on on stage, screen, image or during a sports event. VOX TOUR GUIDE SYSTEMS® are perfect for this application, even in a vast space such as a stadium and at a distance from the person providing audio description. Our company is a pioneer in using audio description in Poland at a sports even. For the first time, we provided audio description on 9 March 2012 at a football match of the Polish Premier League between Wisła Kraków and Lech Poznań.

Our devices

Card Radio 99C

Card Radio 99C

The latest generation of VOX Radioguides.



Digital communication quality.



Ear pieces, microphones and other top quality accessories.

What ins included in the rental

  • ordered number od receivers + ca. 10% of spare receivers;
  • transmitters with microphones (for larger, sets, an additional spare transmitter);
  • a complete set of batteries with spare ones for transmitters and receivers (baseline batteries are already fitted in the devices, while the spare batteries are packed in the suitcase);
  • disposable ear pieces for receivers, in a relevant number and including spares;
  • a suitcase housing the entire set;
  • free delivery and collection of VOX TOUR GUIDE SYSTEMS® to and from any place in Poland and for larger orders, also in Europe!

How to order

To order VOX TOUR GUIDE SYSTEMS®, complete and sign the following form:

Then send it scanned to: info@tourguidesystem.pl.

We will confirm order acceptance within 24 hours and provide you with a cost estimate. All you need to do is wait for our delivery on the date you indicated in the order form.

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